Competitor Intelligence

Cerberus is able to provide you with highly detailed information about your competitors' activities. This information can limit damage to your business from your ex–employees and break away groups.
Our competitor activity research is focused on the individual needs and goals of our clients. They have ranged from price monitoring, or gathering information on new products and suppliers, to future advertising strategies.
The information we can provide could help you to:

  • Monitor the activities of splinter group organisations.
  • Gather evidence for legal action to be taken against breakaway groups, where there has been theft of your customer database and ideas.
  • Vet key personnel and joint ventures before commencing on a partnership.
  • Gather evidence from trade shows on new ranges and prices

We provide discreet reports, on individuals and organisations, to ensure they are not linked to unfavourable political groups or undisclosed businesses.
As experts in this field, we are able to advise on many simple, effective and minor changes that can dramatically reduce your vulnerability to exposure, in competitive areas of business – such as the exclusion of temps from tender preparation.
If you would like more information on how Cerberus can provide you with competitor intelligence, get in touch by phone or email today.


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