CV Checking

Background Checks & Personnel Screening

More businesses in the UK are vetting c.v.'s than ever before to ensure that their candidates are honest, have good integrity and have all the qualifications and experience necessary to conduct the job role that they are applying for.

We provide personnel screening services at various levels according to the type of client and candidate, and the country they are from. By tailoring each check our clients get exactly what they need. The most important thing from the outset is to make sure that we have the candidates' permission to conduct a c.v. check on them, this ensures that the check is legal. At this point a small percentage of candidates withdraw their applications.

What we do

c.v. vetting checks can include as much or as little as the client dictates, however generally we provide the following information:

  1. Name and address confirmation
  2. Past employment verification of dates and job roles 
  3. References gathered where possible 
  4. Educational and qualification search and confirmation 
  5. CCJ and bankruptcy search 
  6. Criminal record search (Only available in certain cases) 
  7. Company director and disqualification search 
  8. Bank of England Sanction search 
  9. Local and national media search 
  10. Internet search 
  11. Land ownership search 
  12. DVLA disqualification and driving (Only available in certain cases)

How we do it

We tailor make our c.v. vetting process by liaising with the client and finding out what their needs are. From then on most clients reinstruct via our online service. Candidates can fill out their details online and send the information securely to Cerberus. As soon as we receive their details and authorisation agreement we commence work on their c.v. and aim to complete each c.v. within 7 days.

Once the c.v. check has been completed we then report to the client by email, post or verbally depending on the requirements of the client.

Where we do it

Our head office is in London and we work with a network of agents and partners operating for us throughout the world which enables us to provide c.v. checking services in most countries, however what you are legally allowed to do varies from country to country. We mainly provide our reports in English but we are able to report to clients in most European languages plus Russian and Turkish.

Quality assurance

We have accumulatively 40 years of experience in conducting c.v. checking and background profiling work and we work with many blue chip companies and top law firms. We are members of ITMA (Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys) and have a strong ethical policy, code of conduct and professional attitude. Our c.v. checking is extremely accurate and is delivered promptly. Our staff are well educated, friendly, have extremely good communication and investigative skills and experience and are always available to speak to on the telephone or in person if necessary.

Accessing information & reporting

Our staff are available between 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday and outside these hours emergency contact is by telephone.

Our team

Our c.v. checking and background profiling team have all obtained degrees and have had a number of years experience in this field. They are professional investigators trained by Cerberus and third parties to ensure a full range of skills to complete our clients work. Some of our staff have a strong research background and are experts at manipulating and using databases to the best advantage.

Others are expert investigators that can uncover false information. Cerberus believe in creating an enjoyable and productive working environment and we are proud of our career program, so far we have excellent staff retention which means that you will deal with the same person and will not have to deal with an ever revolving number of staff.


We keep ourselves up to date with all regulatory information by attending employment law conferences and being members of industry bodies that keep abreast of the ever changing UK and international laws.


We quote each client individually as the needs of our clients vary so much from the level of information they require to the jurisdiction that the work has to be carried out in.  If you would like a quote for CV vetting please email us at: