Environmental Policy

At Cerberus we recognize the importance of green initiatives and how they can lessen the effects of the damages businesses can create. Therefore we are committed to reducing waste, reusing and recycling where possible in order to do our part for the environment (www.reducereuserecycle.co.uk).

At the end of every day we make sure that we shut down computers, turn off peripherals, monitors, lights (energy saving of course, see the Energy Trust for more info) and unplug any other extra equipment which is not in use. We also monitor the temperature in the office and will turn the thermostat down a few degrees when it is too hot rather than open a window to save some energy. Instead of using standard mobile phone and ipod chargers, which can waste energy, we use Solios (www.solio.com), which uses renewable energy from the sun.

Our electricity is provided by Ecotricity (www.ecotricity.co.uk), the largest independent green energy supplier in Europe, who are taking the money we spend on electricity and investing it in renewable energy sources. By investing we don't just mean that the company is passing the proceeds over to another company either, they are actively building the renewable energy sources. And every £1 spent by a customer means Ecotricity spends £1 building wind turbines each year (see www.bwea.com for more information about wind energy).

Where possible, we also recycle (www.recycle-more.co.uk). And if this is not possible, we dispose of our waste in the most environmentally responsible manner. If we don't recycle, then extra resources have to be used to create new products, resulting in a loss of energy and environmental damage. So we do our bit by using recycled paper. Even our printing company uses recycled paper and environmentally friendly printing methods.

We also use email communications as an alternative to fax documents and memos so that we don't use unnecessary amounts of paper. And any faxes that we do receive are via email. Dell recycles our toner and ink cartridges in an environmentally acceptable manner. Our used technology is donated to Dell who have partnered with Recom (www.recom.org.uk) as part of their donation programme to give our technology to disabled and economically disadvantaged children and adults across the UK.

Cerberus is also committed to using and promoting Fairtrade. So in our offices, tea, coffee, biscuits and chocolate all carry the Fairtrade mark (www.fairtrade.org.uk/work/). And when drinking our tea or coffee or eating food, we don't use disposable cutlery or cups. We also try to purchase other ethical products (www.getethical.com) and use environmentally friendly cleaning products like the Ecover range (www.ecover.com) and organic cleaning products (www.naturalcollection.com).

Nobody at Cerberus uses a car to get to work. Everyone at Cerberus either travels to work by foot, bicycle or via public transport. That way we kill two birds with one stone - doing something good for the environment and our health (www.walkingworks.org.uk).

Where possible we choose service providers who uphold high environmental standards; Lucidica, our IT company (www.lucidica.com) provides energy ratings on its recommendations allowing us to assess the environmental impact of our technological requirements.

It’s important to start small and by doing our bit at Cerberus we are contributing to the larger picture. People like Dale Vince (Founder of Ecotricity - www.zerocarbonista.com) are trying to make a difference worldwide and actively campaign environmental issues. 

Our “things to do today” notepads are also made from recycled office waste. They are made by the charity Goonj (http://goonj.org/) which collects clothes, toys and books and gives them to underprivileged children across India.