Cerberus breaks 1000 barrier for covert domain name acquisitions

As we approach the very end of 2010, we are very pleased to announce that we have recently completed our 1000th covert domain name purchase on behalf of brand owners and trademark attorneys. In doing so, Cerberus has ensured that each of the 1000 domains have been obtained for far lesser price than would have been possible had the client approached the domain name seller directly.


Over the last five years we have seen a huge growth in the need for businesses to acquire domain names covertly. We offer a cost–effective way of putting you back in touch with lost, compromised or stolen intellectual property, such as domain names, trademarks or company names. The service has been used for securing domains for new brand launches, especially when working towards a fixed deadline. We can also eliminate opposition to a new brand by acquiring a potentially conflicting or similar mark.


Using a variety of front companies, office addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers; Cerberus has ensured that the anonymity of our clients is upheld at all times. This consequently ensures that the negotiations for the domains are carried out in a controlled and cost effective manner, with timely updates being provided to the client at each stage of the negotiation process.


If you have a domain name which you would like to acquire or establish more details about its price and availability, please get in touch today.