Internet infringements increase as credit crunch hits

Official eBay monitoring agent, Cerberus, confirmed today that as the credit crunch bites, consumers are increasingly lured by the prospect of an online bargain. Cheap deals on lifestyle products are usually parallel or counterfeit goods, leaving consumers and the brand owners both out-of-pocket.

Sites like eBay, uBid,, and others are all popular outlets for traders in counterfeit and parallel goods. The value of this can be enormous; Apple lost around $400 million in 2007 in a matter of weeks when a million iPhones made their way onto the grey market through multiple sellers operating through these and other online auction sites.

Cameron Gowlett of Cerberus said of the phenomenon “We have more instructions from IP lawyers than ever before to track down the perpetrators and close down these sites. Most of this new business is driven from IP lawyers and their clients because of the massive damage this trade causes to their bottom line and reputations. Our cleansing actions can often be self funding as many of those caught end up paying compensation, especially the larger players”.

Cerberus is an official eBay monitoring agent and takes down infringing and illegal products instantly using the VeRO process. Once cleared Cerberus monitors brands daily (including Sundays!) to stamp out any recurrence of even spot-traders from as little as a few hundred pounds a month.

The colossal scale of this trade is such that Cameron said “Almost every brand owner may be helped in this way”.

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