Proving it's the real thing

Portero,the new online auction site specialising in selling genuine luxury goods, is set to become the auction site to trust. Customer loyalty is a valuable asset for any business and running your business on this currency should prove to be pretty appealing for both consumers and the 180 brand owners currently listed.

Luxury goods work on the sensibility of the consumer and brands cannot afford to lose their desirability factor, which is threatened every time a counterfeit product hits the market.  On this note, Portero offers customers an something other auction sited do not; it offers a guarantee.

Will Portero grow to be a rival for the godfather of auction sites – eBay, or will proving each individual luxury product is genuine, become increasingly difficult, the larger Portero grows?   It may be too early to tell but at least Portero, with its verification of authenticity by both in – house and external specialists as well as its invite only auction site, making even the attempt to buy luxury goods, a well sort out privilege.